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TOREN 1998 - Characters

15th Level Human Fighter (N)
31 years old; 6'0" tall; 200 lb; brown hair and eyes.
Erik favors dark colors (black). He is a grizzled veteran of 2 years in militia and 2 years of hard adventuring. During this time he has died 3 times. This hard experience has tempered his originally hard-charging battle tactics. Now he is looking forward to retiring someday in his keep. He is always looking for loot. He is trying to become "nobleman-like" in anticipation of becoming a landed warrior.
Player: Robert Lusian

15th Level Elven Fighter/Rogue (NG)
25 years old; 5'5" tall; 128 lb; black midlength hair and piercing blue eyes.
Faelon is large boned for his race, slightly taller, and much heavier because of it. While once an elegant dresser, he has become more reserved in his appearance the fine clothing has been replaced with well worn leather, the gaudy trinkets replaced with sturdy practical items.
Family: Faelon is the second of two children. His sister's mother died during childbirth. His father remarried many years later and Faelon was born. A few years after that his mother was killed during an orcish raid on Woodholme, his father mad with grief has hunted the orcs of the Selyeeron Forest ever since. Because his father was away most of the time, Faelon's sister, Arianna, raised him, and trained him in the woodland arts that their father had taught her. While he learned much of fighting and sneaking many of the other lessons were lost on him, so instead of becoming the forester that his sister was, he became a warrior and adventurer. It wasn't long before Faelon felt he had learned all he could and set out to meet his fate. Though they took separate roads, Faelon and his sister are still close, and keep in touch through mutual friends in Woodholme.
Player: Tim O'Brien

13th Level Half-elven Ranger (CG)
20 years old; 6'2"; 190 lb; long straight brown hair; green eyes.
Praxus wears well worn leather clothing (outdoor life). Necklace of giant teeth (all different). Has found kinship with his fellow adventurers, yet would prefer to be among other half-elves. Because of this, the life of a ranger proves most useful to his wandering spirit.
Player: Marty Keller

12th Level Elven Cleric/Mage (CG)
31 years old; 5'2"; 109 lb; black hair; green eyes.
Seso is amazingly short for an elf. That may be why he is such a cautious individual. He is very religious, always donating more than he can afford and never refusing to help the church of Vestigor.
Player: Jim Trent

12th Level Human Cleric (LG)
32 years old; 5'10"; 170 lb; brown hair; brown eyes
Brother Thomas is a rather unimposing Cleric of Sumeolus.
Player: Brandon Cole

11th Level Dwarven Fighter/Cleric (NG)
43 years old; 4'2" tall; 150 lb; very muscular; piercing grey eyes; reddish brown hair
Hardul usually wears a brown cloak (cloak of displacement) over polished platemail armor. He is strong, reserved, and steadfast. He is very afraid of water.
Player: Tim O'Brien (NPC)

11th Level Human Mage (NG)
21 years old; 6'0"; black hair; brown eyes
Cato wears dark robes. He is quiet and determined.
Player: Robert Lusian (NPC)

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