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TOREN 2000 - Characters

Arngrimnir Haldreksson
Dwarf - 15th Level Fighter (LG)
66 years old; 4'3" tall; 143 lb; black hair and blue eyes.
Arngimnir has a wiry build for a dwarf. He has restless, piercing eyes; jet black plaited beard; bushy hair; huge mouth; and weathered skin. Arngrimnir is austere, vigilant, serious, very wary, suspiciousl, seemingly paranoid, protective, proud, pessimistic, grumpy, cool under pressure and courageous.
Player: Brandon Cole

Human - 8th Level Fighter/7th Level Wizard (NG)
18 years old; 5'8" tall; 164 lb; sandy brown hair and hazel eyes
Cadeon is of medium height and powerful build. His youthful face and cropped hair give him a boyish appearance. He is naive, pleasant, and honorable. He is intelligent, and a quick learner, often splitting his time between reading and weapons practice.
Player: Tim O'Brien

Damet "Ash" Ashford
Human - 10th Level Fighter/5th Level Rogue (NG)
19 years old; 5'5" tall; 135 lb; jet black hair and gray eyes
Damet has the look of everyman, someone one meets many times but never remembers. Spot in a line up... not likely, notice in a dark ally... hardly, deem a threat...?
Damet believes that if you bide your time, everthing becomes clear and you can act accordingly. He has a deep-seeded hatred for slavers, and will seek to slay any he meets.
Player: Lloyd Herman

Dylon Brun
Elf - 15th Level Cleric of Arksorn (NG)
114 years old; 5'4" tall; 128 lb; black hair and green eyes
Dylon is very well groomed and always has a smile on his face. He wears dark green cloak over his regular clothes or armor. His holy symbol, the Eagle of Arksorn, is proudly displayed. Dylon is a happy go lucky elf. He likes to travel and see the world. Mention adventure and travel and he is there. He takes any chance he can to spread the word of Arksorn.
Player: Jim Trent

Mick Quickfeather
Halfling - 11th Rogue/2nd Ranger/1st Barbarian/1st Fighter (NG)
30 years old; 3'1" tall; 35 lb; long black hair and black eyes
Mick has sideburns and a flat nose and his ears stick out. He is playful and monkeyish.
Player: Brian Goff

Human - 15th Level Wizard (CG)
20 years old; 5'10" tall; 150 lb; brown hair and eyes
Player: Robert Lusian

Human - 16th Level Monk (LN)
31 years old; 5'9" tall; 165 lb; blonde hair and blue eyes
Zensun is tone and lean. His hair is never more than a quarter inch long. He always maintains a neat, clean appearance and has no facial hair. He is reserved, methodical, and analytical. He is loyal once someone has earned his trust. He does not believe in fate, but rather that all control their own destiny. He is philosophical and wondering.
Player: Marty Keller

Dead or Retired Player Characters.

Daltree Gnarlthorn
Human - 9th Level Druid (NG)
23 years old; 6'6" tall; 240 lb; brown hair and grey eyes
Daltree is a tall, looming figure. He has shoulder length hair and a well kept beard and mustache. His clothing is well worn. Daltree is quiet when in natural surroundings (he likes to listen to the sounds of the forest). He is helpful and loyal to those who respect nature.
Player: Marty Keller

Hagen Blackwell
Human - 14th Level Rogue (NG)
27 years old; 5'9" tall; 160 lb; black hair and green eyes
Hagen is a neatly dressed man of average height and slight of build. He is always clean shaven and well groomed. He is fond of wearing fancy clothes and carrying flashy gear and he loves to impress the ladies. He comes across as snobbish, aloof, and overconfident (because he is). He is lazy and impatient and he dislikes being talked back to. He has an excessive fear of undead.
Player: Tim O'Brien/Tom Christy

Elf - 13th Level Paladin of Sumeolus (LG)
121 years old; 5'6" tall; 150 lb; silver hair and green eyes
Silverleaf is tall and stocky for an elf. He is quiet and noble.
Player: Craig Larson

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