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TOREN 2000 - Stories

It has been a long time since my last entry, and I have discovered many terrible truths, but will avoid recording many of those events, as I would consider myself blessed if I could ever forget them. For the sake of posterity I will record the death of my parents on the 13th of Aldsar, though I did not hear of it till just recently. The details of their deaths weighs heavily on my conscience. I discovered their slaughter to be Ithakon, ranking Prelate of Inviktron. I uncovered this information on a visit to my parents home in Vikon, and knew I could not leave without vengeance. Not wanting to endanger my companions yet unwilling to leave without revenge. We formulated a plan to siege the arena and temple of Inviktron in an attempt to damage the reputation of the Temple and let Ithakon know that he is not safe even in his own home. The plan went well, and I only regret that we could not stay to see the Priest's face. But that day will come soon enough, but my thirst for revenge has only whetted; not yet satisfied.

While in Vikon we discovered some very important information about Castle Lanacar, the Ninth Legion, and Blue crystal key. As legend has it the Ninth legion was composed of not only the best infantry of the Trabzea March, but devils summoned from the nine hells as well. They were also fabulously wealthy, and that wealth, enough to fund a war, is the prize being so actively sought. We also discovered that the blue crystal key is no longer of any significance. Apparently the key was one of four used to lock four seals leading to the tomb of the Ninth Legion beneath Lanacar. Each key was able to generate or move the magical seal. The fact that the key we found opened the tomb of the Fire Lord indicates that its particular seal is no longer protecting the tomb of the Ninth Legion. Who or what might have recovered the key and removed the seal from its original position is still a mystery. Perhaps our long dead dwarven friend Winterbock could shed some light on this mystery for us…. We also discovered that Radeem, whose journal and home we discovered in a swamp near Ersel Keep was at one time an apprentice of one of the original mages who crafted the Blue keys some 150 years ago. This has prompted us to follow the contacts listed in his journal even though they are all at least 100 years old. We have asked Lia Spellsinger to continue to research Radeem's connection to the Crystal keys, and to see if she can uncover more information about the party who imprisoned the Flame Lord 20 years ago. In the mean time we travel to Daltree's home to find out more about the Dark Druids and Radeem's association with them.

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