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TOREN 2003 - Stories

Seaday, the 9th of Napaksar 7410 AR
Port City of Mandaria in the Theocracy of Synrea

A spring storm blows dark clouds in from the Darsin Sea. Rain and waves assault the city of Mandaria. The capital of the Theocracy of Synrea (pronounced sin-ray), Mandaria is a dangerous city where the only law is force and where monsters walk the streets beside ordinary humans. Dominating the shoreline is the Temple of Napaktus, god of the Sea. Enthroned in the temple is the ruler of Synrea, the high priest of Napaktus, the Voice of the Deep, Sevrilna Trob.

In a seeder part of town, our intrepid adventurers gather inside the Pirate Plank Inn. More a flop house than an inn, the Pirate Plank is renowned in these parts for being the best place to find adventurers or for that matter for shanghaiing drunks to serve in the "navies" of Synrea.

The lands of Synrea are dominated by powerful Dukes with questionable fealty to the Church of Napaktus. There are anywhere from 5 to 7 Duchies in Synrea at any given time. Each is ruled by a Duke who holds one or more castles and keeps. Below the Dukes are Barons who typically rule a single keep. Wars between these nobles is almost continuous, leading to a large number of mercenaries in Synrea. Amongst these are many from monstrous races such as hobgoblins, bugbears, ogres, and worse. The land is also plagued by many bandits especially near the edges of the Rushing Wood. The Darsin Sea is just as perilous with the titles Duke, Baron, and Pirate being interchangeable.

The road north from Mandaria leads to Blackport. Blackport is a powerful free city which gains its wealth from mines in the Darcliff Mountains and from taxing all merchant traffic through the Sivista Straights between Orlon and Falsar. Beyond Blackport and the Darcliff Mountains is the famed Lost Desert. The desert gains its name not because it is lost itself, but because it hides some ancient lost secret. Some say that it was once a Dwarven kingdom that was destroyed by fell Elven magic.

South from Mandaria the road hugs the rocky shores of the Darsin Sea and continues down to the Salbanic Peninsula and the various Kresian City-States.

To the west of Mandaria the land rises quickly into hills covered by the Rushing Wood and then higher into the Spyropik Mountains. Amidst the highest peaks of the Spyropik Mountains is the great temple of the Spyropik Pantheon.

6813 AR (597 years ago)
Synrea defeats the Holy Kingdom of Ossaran. Ossaran was ruled by a long line of paladins. The power of their gods Sumeolus and Trasparia diminish in Synrea.

7207 AR (203 years ago)
Galeth rules the whole of the rushing wood. His bandits cripple Synrea. He cannot be defeated and is finally "conquered" by being offered his own Duchy.

7389 AR (21 years ago)
Sevrilna Trob becomes the High Priest of Napaktus. Sevrilna has held the position far longer than most. He is one of the most powerful priests in the entire Spyropik Pantheon.

7408 AR (2 years ago)
Baron Nittarl of Mirkinos Keep captured Skopia Castle from his Lord, Duke Herba the Grim. Duke Herba was away at Eptalof Castle at the time. Now he bides his time and waits for revenge.

7409 AR (1 year ago)
The Siege of Blackport. Duke Atlun of Serria Castle besieges Blackport with the help of two black dragons. His army captures the city for two months. But Blackport called upon the aid of Napaktus and when Atlun returned to his castle it collapsed in a terrible earthquake. Atlun was killed and his armies disbanded.

* The greater god Serifas lives among the elves on Falsar.
* Ancient Kalpyr was fabulously wealthy. Hordes of treasure are buried there with the mummies of the dead.
* At least one of Atlun's black dragon allies survived and haunts the ruins of Serria Castle.
* The elves of Sangara plan to attack Blackport.
* The burial halls of the Kings of Ossaran hold great riches and holy relics still.

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