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TOREN 2003 - Stories

As they were walking through Mandaria a small, cadaverous looking kobold under a ragged green cloak came up to Dunbar. "Please help! Please help!" he said in almost flawless dwarven except for the high pitch, "Augkar's people are in trouble, and he needs your help to free them. Augkar has searched long and his hope is becoming small. Can you help Augkar?" Dunbar was feeling just curious enough not to kill the annoying kobold on the spot. He found out that Augkar was the kobold's name and his "people" were dwarves forced into slavery by "giant lizards."

The party decided that Tavik and the Potentate of Angleburg could both wait, they were going to go help the dwarves. The fact that it was a dwarven mine which was probably full of gold might have helped their decision just a little.

They knew they needed to get back to Mandaria before the next full moon so they decided to spend some of their gold on horses. Horses would cut the trip to the dwarven mines from 8 days to a mere 4. The mines were to the west in the foothills of the Spyropik Mountains. By the end of their third day of travel, they were in the Rushing Wood, a place that was notorious for bandits and brigands. As they were making camp that night, Legion heard something approaching through the trees. The party took up ready positions and watched as a small giant crashed through the trees.

As soon as the gaint saw one of the party, he charged. While the party was engaged with the giant, orcs attacked their flanks. They must have been working with the giant. The party killed the giant (which they later discovered was just an ogre, when the bragged about killing it) and the orcs then tracked down their base. There they found several more orcs that they killed before proceeding on toward the mines.

The mines were indead taken over by giant lizards. They were actually troglodytes. Slightly shorter than a human but giant in the eyes of a kobold. To get to the troglodytes and their leaders, the party entered through a secret tunnel and travel through a series of dark, dank caves below the mines. They were resisted by a small tribe of kobolds that lived in the caves. Once past the kobolds they ran into a troglodyte guard and his two pets. The pets were actually baby black dragons! Where the troglodytes got these from, the party shuddered to think. Finally into the mines proper, the party discovered that the troglodytes were lead by two drow. A male cleric of Tarantia and a female wizard. Morgan was able to charm the evil cleric after the party had killed the wizard. This made clearing out the mines easy, Morgan just told his new friend to tell the troglodytes to leave the mines and return to their old homes. Once the troglodytes were gone, the party killed the drow cleric. Morgan played like it was no big deal charming the drow cleric, but he secretly knew it was a 1 in 100 chance. They had gotten lucky.

The dwarves were thankful for their freedom and rewarded the part with more copper ingots than they wanted to carry. But the dwarves also parted with 3 gold ingots and 6 masterwork weapons. They held a feast in the party's honor and saw them off.

Once back in Mandaria, the party took a well deserved rest. Except for Morgan, who was feverishly working away creating magic scrolls, armor, and weapons for the party.

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