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GREYHAWK 2000 - Stories
ADVENTURE 10 - The Lady and the Sword

Waterday, the 5th of Fireseek 593CY
We spent the last two days at the temple of Pelor in Greyhawk hiding out from the Scarlet Brotherhood. While there, Dreadyn was asked to perform a task for the church. It seems that a friend of the church, one Lady Asanther, is in need of aid. There is promise of a modest reward and, looking for a good reason to leave Greyhawk, we accepted.

Moonday, the 10th of Fireseek 593CY
We traveled from Greyhawk to the City of Verbobonc on a flying carpet! Too bad we could not keep it. Next, we traveled up the Velverdyva River for two days until the captain pointed out the trail that led to the monastery that we were looking for. Once we arrived at the monastery we met Asanther. She was a wizened old woman who was obviously very beautiful when she was younger. Now she was old and her right arm was missing. She told us of her mission, she had to travel to a magical lake to retrieve a powerful magic item. She warned us that the village people were very superstitious and would not want her to leave the village for any reason. We decided to get going right away and to try to sneak to the tree line and out of the village. Somehow a band of about a dozen villagers followed us.

When we confronted them, some unseen force grabbed Asanther and tried to carry her back to the village. Thinking it was some invisible guard, I cast dispel magic in the area. When that did not work I though it might be some summoned creature like an air elemental or an invisible stalker. I ran up and cast protection from evil on Asanther and sure enough whatever had a hold of her dropped her. The battle that followed was chaotic. We could not see the thing and could only respond to its attacks. We did finally overcome it. The town militia was not a factor and we did the best we could not to kill any of them.

Meanwhile, Damoni and Ali had rushed back toward the village to see if they could discover who or what had summoned this monstrosity. When we caught up with them they had the mayor and the town wizard cornered. We questioned them but did not find any nefarious intent, they just wanted to keep Asanther in town. She was right about superstitious!

Godsday, the 11th of Fireseek 593CY
We traveled all day toward the magical lake. Just before making camp for the night we were attacked by about a dozen demonic wolves. One of them could even talk and told us to give Asanther to him. We refused and fought the wolves. The things were hard to kill and non-magic weapons seemed to have little effect on them. In fact Damoni asked Zensun if he was "trying to subdue them" when none of Zensun's attacks were working.

Waterday, the 12th of Fireseek 593CY
We traveled all day toward the magical lake. Again, just before making camp for the night we were attacked. But this time it was something much worse than a pack of wolves. Asanther called the foul demonic construction that attacked us a retriever and she said it was here for her. The thing resembled a huge 15' tall spider with the four front legs each ending in a large cleaver. From its eyes it shot terrible rays. One was a ray of petrification which turned Zensun to stone (the Deck of Many Things coming back to haunt him). Two others were a fire ray and a lightning ray.

Sunday, the 16th of Fireseek 593CY
We made it to the magically hidden lake on the 14th. Floating in the middle of the lake was a huge crystal sphere. On the shore was some sort of magical dock guarded by two large constructs. These thing attacked us which worried Asanther greatly. She told us that the man that lived here was a friend of hers and something must be terribly wrong for his constructs to attack us. With that thought in mind we were very hesitant to step into the magic boat that would take us to the crystal sphere. When we got to the sphere we found Asanther's friend. He was nearly dead. Asanther told us to wait in the dining area while she cared for him.

The next thing we saw was a blinding flash that filled the valley of the lake, then the whole sphere began to crumble into the lake. We tried to find Asanther and her friend but we found him dead and there was no sign of her. There was however a magical sword that we had not seen before. We grabbed it and all barely escaped with our lives. Later we discovered that the magic sword was actually Asanther! Now we are back at the monastery and we have given the sword to Asanther's daughter as she requested.

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