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GREYHAWK 2000 - Stories

The Greyhawk 2000 stories are told in the form of the Journal of Senark. The journal is broken up into separate adventures as listed below.
Welcome studious reader to the Journal of Senark of Middleharst. I have to admit that I am a bit of a weakling and perhaps I should be spending my days next to a cozy warm fire reading some ancient tome, but the pull of exploring this vast world and discovering as much of the magic that it holds as I can is too strong a pull to ignore. I am keeping this journal as a record of my journeys. Both to enlighten the reader and to give me something to look back upon in my old age.

My adventuring career started in the town of Westkeep in the northern parts of the Hold of the Sea Princes. The town had recently been captured by forces from Keoland and the Yeomanry. It was from Keoland that I had traveled. The date was October 1st 591CY.
Maps of My Travels
Map 1

ADVENTURE 13 - The End
The Journal of Senark is found, where did he disappear to?
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ADVENTURE 12 - The Lost of the Dreadwood
We come to the help of the good people of the Dreadwood forest who have been attacked by evil druids.
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ADVENTURE 11 - The Temple of Gruumsh
Sent by the Town of Verbobonc to rescue a captured general.
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ADVENTURE 10 - The Lady and the Sword
Sent by the church of Pelor to help the Lady Asanther.
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ADVENTURE 9 - The Tower of Keraptis
In the bright deseert lies one of Keraptis' magical strongholds, can we get to it before Keraptis' spirit does?
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ADVENTURE 8 - White Plume Mountain
In the mountians just to the north of the Abbor-Alz lies an old cindercone. Inside this volcano is a large dungeon filled with priceless magical weapons . . .
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ADVENTURE 7 - The First Cave of the Dark Suel Cabal
On the night of the next full moon, with the help of Kyvos at the temple of Pelor we finally cured ourselves of the curse of the werewolf charm and destroyed the charm in the process. The next day we set out on a long journey. We were heading to an ancient cairn in the Abbor-Alz Hills. This place was spoken of in a note that had been found in the book of infinite spells that we had sold to the mages' guild in Longspear. The mages shared with us what they had learned from the note in hopes that we would go on a quest for them. The note told a story that began many years ago . . .
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ADVENTURE 6 - Beyond the Ancient Doors
We returned to Longspear after the harrowing battle with the hideous ogre. In Longspear we took about a month off. Damoni and I spent the time researching new spells (I added hold person, lightning bolt, vampiric touch, invisibility, and spectral hand to the spells that I knew). Virgil found out that his wolf charm was cursed, and we think (hope) that he had the curse removed. Zensun spent the time learning ancient Suelese. He found out that the seal on the ancient doors that we had found in the back of the Hideous Ogre's cave told a story. The short of it was that when the Suel first came to this area they found an ancient ziggurat haunted by demons and devils. The suel sorcerer named Xanthias put a seal on the entry to the ziggurat so that none would approach it. We thought that the door we found in the hideous ogre's cave could somehow lead to the ziggurat, so we decided to see if we could get through it. We also deciphered a note that we found on the ogre. It was from our old nemesis Aerifon. The note said that if the ogre were to find the "book of all knowledge" and return it to Aerifon he would be set free. We decided to be on the lookout for that book.
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ADVENTURE 5 - The Hideous Ogre
We had recovered from our long adventure in the Caves of Chaos. Our wounds in body, soul, and spirit had been healed. We were ready for new adventures, but what would we do? The priest of Pelor, Kyvos, asked us for aid. In return, he offered us a powerful clerical scroll. Kyvos's brother Teroth had been missing for some time. Teroth went to Woodwell to investigate the strange hauntings and the many disappearances on the edge of the Dreadwood. Rumors spoke of some fell beast or band of evil druids at work. The offer was intriguing and the scroll even more so.
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ADVENTURE 4 - The Caves of Chaos
A short distance from Kendall Keep is a large complex of caves known as the caves of chaos. It was rumored that these caves harbored evil monsters and fabulous treasure. We decided to find out for ourselves, hoping to find more fabulous treasure and less evil monsters. I'm afraid we were not so lucky.
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ADVENTURE 3 - The Shattered Circle
We decided to leave Westkeep and head to the northwest where we knew that there was a warren of humanoids that had been preying on the human caravans on the roads near Kendall Keep. After arriving at Kendall Keep we were sidetracked when we discovered the ruins of an ancient stone circle nearby.
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ADVENTURE 2 - The Lost Keep of the Hool Marshes
We had heard rumors of a keep long abandoned and half sunken into the Hool Marshes.
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ADVENTURE 1 - Rich Girl Rendezvous
My first adventure. Travel from Westkeep south toward Hokar. Rendezvous with an bratty rich girl and escort her back to Westkeep. Simple enough, right?
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