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GREYHAWK 2000 - Stories
ADVENTURE 3 - The Shattered Circle

We decided to leave Westkeep and head to the northwest where we knew that there was a warren of humanoids that had been preying on the human caravans on the roads near Kendall Keep. After arriving at Kendall Keep we were sidetracked when we discovered the ruins of an ancient stone circle nearby.

  • 11/13/591 Westkeep - From Westkeep, we set out for Kendal Keep.
  • 11/15/591 Logard Fort - We left Logard Fort and that night we were attacked by 9 ghouls which we killed but not before Mahgrin was seriously injured. We decided to track these foul undead to see where they came from (and hopefully find some of their treasure).
  • 11/19/591 Farmhouse in the Hool Marshes - We tracked the ghouls as far as a ransacked farmhouse but found no treasure, just mutilated bodies.
  • 11/21/591 Kendall Keep - We arrived at Kendall Keep to find a relatively peaceful and carefree atmosphere (how that would soon change...). By this time, Mahgrin's wounds were getting much worse. After inquiring about were we could find a healer that could help him we were directed to find a group of gypsys on the road north of Kendall Keep.
  • 11/23/591 Gypsy Camp 2 Days North of Kendall Keep - We arrived at gypsy camp. We were able to pay to have Mahgrin healed and we were able to buy some magic items from the gypsys. We also found out about a nearby ruin.
  • 11/24/591 The Shattered Circle Ruins 2 Days North of Kendall Keep - One of the gypsy children went into the ruins and did not return. The gypsys offered us a reward if we would go and rescue this child. We agreed and set of for the ruins. At the ruins we found a 5' by 5' hole in the earth where an ancient standing stone once stood. There were steps descending into the darkness below this stone. These steps led down about 100' into a large dungeon. We found the young gypsy boy in the first room. He had fallen into a pit and died. Sadly, we returned the boy to his parents. The gypsys bid us farwell and left.

One of the Spider Humanoids
with One of the Strange Skulls
Behind Him

The Huge Ball of Webs
Home to Uncounted Spiders
  • 11/25/591 The Shattered Circle Ruins 2 Days North of Kendall Keep - The next day we went back into the dungeon. The place was strange and we were unable to determine who its builders were. There where skulls in bas-relief on the walls clutching strange symbols in their mouths. We think these were left by the original inhabitants. We soon discovered, however, that this dungeon had been infested by a grotesque new kind of inhabitant. Many of the ancient rooms were full of strange glowing webs. It wasn't long before we ran across giant spiders and even worse. We encountered some strange 4 leged and 4 armed humanoids. They were immediatly hostile and we were forced to kill them. When we examined them after slaying them, we discovered that they were humanoid spiders. We penetrated into the lower levels of the dungeon were we ran across a terrible foe. Out of the darkness we were assulted by a hail of small darts. The darts did not hurt much but we soon discovered that they were poisoned. We immediatly returned the attack and soon discovered we were fighting the dreaded dark elves. There were only two of them and all 6 of us were barely able to defeat them. After we did, we collected their strange belongings and retreated from the dungeon.

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