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Download the latest how to play info, reference sheets, and house rules.

Download d20play How to Play (Revised 2019-12-31) (pdf)

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Download House Rules (Revised 2015-03-30) (pdf, home games only)

Download AL Recommendations (Revised 2019-12-31) (pdf)

Download Bible Notes (Revised 2019-12-30) (pdf)
Download Bible Notes (Revised 2019-12-30) (Word)

Bible Notes on a D&D page? Believe it or not, it was D&D that drew me to the Bible. I started with the book of Revelation. It read like an epic level D&D adventure.

"there was war in heaven...Michael and his angels fought against the dragon...the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan."

The more I read, the more epic the tale of the Bible becomes. If you are interested, I suggest you start with Revelation too, but anywhere is good.

I keep notes as I learn, they are in the files above. I invite you to look at them, especially the first two pages where I do my best to summarize the most important parts. I do caution you though, to never take man's word for what is in a book that claims to provide salvation. Read for yourself and form your own opinion. We have been given free will to make our own choices!

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