d20play schedule rules toren campaigns 2020-01-24

To Signup:
--Email PC info (sheet, logs, and image) to tgchristy@att.net
--Specify which adventure you are signing up for (if not the next) (sign up in advance for just 1 at a time).
--Confirm it will be your first time seeing that adventure (you have not played, read, or DM'd it).
See d20playHowTo for details of what to send and what you'll need to play.

Seating order is assigned at DM discretion among those signed up 5 days before an adventure (Usually on Thursday at 8pm CT). After that, seating order is first come first served. Seating is usually limited to 5 players.

Schedule is tentative and subject to change without notice.

ADVENTURES (On Tuesdays at 8pm CT Unless Marked *)
1/28 - DDAL09-03 Hungry Shadows (L1-4)
1. Destratti (CN. Human. Fighter3 (Eldritch)/ Rogue1) (Jeremy B.)
2. Lucien Tenebris (N. Half-Elf. Paladin1/ Warlock2 (Hexblade)) (Zak T.)
3. Dried Grass (CG. Tabaxi. Monk1) (James W.)
4. Vali Stormharbinger (NG. Half-Elf. Cleric2 (Tempest) (Cody S.)
5. Josephine/Phine (CN. Tiefling. Warlock3 (Great Old One)) (Shane M.)
alt1. Eiruan Kelrune (NG. Elf-High. Rogue2) (Chris K.)
alt2. Leo Belfire (NG. Human. Bard2) (Steve)
alt3. Winter (LN. Elf-High. Fighter2/ Wizard2 (Bladesinger)) (Kyle L.)
alt4. Maldeus (LG. Human. Cleric4 (Light)) (Alex P.)
alt5. Sarnan Goodbarrel (CG. Halfling-Lightfoot. Monk2/ Bard1 (Dave H.)
2/25 - DDAL09-04 Day of the Devil (L1-4)
TBD x1

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