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  • Schedule is tentative and subject to player impacts and/or DM changes without notice.
  • Monday Online Games are by invite (email me at tgchristy@att.net if you want to be considered for a future season).
  • Friday Online Games are by sign up at alonlinetools.net (I usually post sign-ups for Friday games on following weeks on Friday Nights just before I run a game (at 7:45pm CT) and I announce the sign-up through the alonlinetools email and at the Moonsea Pub Facebook group) (Also, I give players who are playing the adventure for the 1st time priority, to give everyone the best chance of playing each adventure at least once).
  • Friday Online Games are sometimes run on other days (announced when sign up posted)
  • In-person Games are by sign up at warhorn.net/events/adventurers-league-ict. They are most often held at The Burrow, but the venue sometimes changes.
  • A Tournament Game can be set up on dates labeled "TBD" with at least 2 weeks notice. Any adventure I have run in the past is fair game. Tournament Games are player driven. Set up a team, pick a mod, and contact me at tgchristy@att.net. See d20playChampions for rules. The first group ran Mines of Madness (by Scott Kurtz (of Acquisitions Inc. fame) and Christopher Perkins). See if you can beat them.

    Monday Games Friday Games (Unless Marked *)
    9/18 - ToA BEGINS!! 9/22 - DDAL00-02B The Weirding Vats (1-4)
    9/25 - ToA 9/29 - No Game. Vacation!
    10/2 - ToA 10/6 - No Game. TsunamiCon!
    10/9 - ToA 10/13 - DDAL00-02B The Weirding Vats (1-4)
    10/16 - ToA 10/20-DDAL00-02C Spawn Maimed Virulence(5-10)
    10/23 - ToA 10/27-DDAL00-02C Spawn Maimed Virulence(5-10)
    10/30 - ToA 11/3 - DDAL00-02D Echoes Weeping War (5-10)
    11/6 - ToA 11/10 - DDAL07-03 A Day at the Races (1-4)
    11/13 - ToA 11/17 - DDAL07-04 A Walk in the Park (1-4)
    11/20 - ToA 11/24 - DDAL07-05 Whispers in the Dark (1-4)
    11/27 - ToA 12/1 - DDAL07-02 Over the Edge I-V (5-10))
    12/4 - ToA 12/8 - DDAL07-06 Fester and Burn (5-10)
    12/11 - ToA 12/15 - DDAL07-07 Rotting Roots (5-10)
    12/18 - ToA 12/22 - DDAL07-08 Putting the Dead to Rest (5-10)

    10/6 at 7pm - DDEX03-01 Harried in Hillsfar (1-2)
    10/7 at 8am - DDAL00-02A and B Lost Tales of Myth Drannor T1 (1-4)
    10/7 at 1pm - DDEX03-01 Harried in Hillsfar (1-2)
    10/7 at 7pm - DDAL00-02A and B Lost Tales of Myth Drannor T1 (1-4)

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