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Toren is a medieval fantasy setting for use with the d20 rules. The first maps of Toren were drawn in 1988 and it has been an active world since that time. Its lands and deities were heavily influenced by the mythologies of ancient earth.

You can download a gazetteer and some maps for Toren below. The maps were sized so that they could be printed on a letter sized piece of paper at 150dpi.

Toren Gazetteer (Revised 2002-07-20)

Map of the World of Toren
The grid on the bottom and the right side of this map is used to locate the smaller maps and the location of each nation described in the Toren gazetteer. Most of the nations described in the gazetteer are in the continent of Orlon (near top center of world map) or nearby it.

Map of the Theocracy of Synrea - C15
Map of the Eastern Crundoric Empire - B14
Map of the Eastern Trabzea March - B14

Map of Region B14
Map of Region B15
Map of Region C13
Map of Region C14
Map of Region C15

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