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GREYHAWK 2000 - Stories
ADVENTURE 13 - The End

Waterday, the 26th of Reaping 593CY
After the fight at Kozan's Hut, we retreated from the Dreadwood and returned to Gradsul. We spent some time there mending our wounds. When we were ready, we set back out into the Dreadwood with the lair of the Witch of the Hool Marshes as our final destination. We found an old ruined church or monastary in the marshes and after fighting a large number of Trolls that were guarding it made our way to a hidden chamber beneath it. In this chamber we found a grotesque portal...

Here ends Senark's Journal. What became of him and his party we may never know. They must have stepped through the portal, but why his journal remained behind, we do not know.

NOTE: At least two members and maybe more of Senark's party made it through the portal. The two that we know of, Zensun and Damet, met up with another party stepping through another portal in the multiverse at precisely the same time. You can read about their further adventures here.

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