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GREYHAWK 2000 - Stories
ADVENTURE 2- The Lost Keep of the Hool Marshes

We had heard rumors of a keep long abandoned and half sunken into the Hool Marshes.
  • 10/25/591 Westkeep - From Westkeep, we traveled west through Logard Fort, then north into the Hool marshes. We trudged through these marshes for days and fought many monsters before finding the Lost Keep. Monsters saw, killed, or ran away from included a water troll, bullywogs, giant centipedes, and worst of all an eight headed hydra.
  • 10/30/591 In Hool Marshes 2 days from Logard Fort - After slaying the eight headed hydra, we found remnants of an ancient road with some giant frog and some giant lizard tracks. We followed this road north and after two day's travel we found the Lost Keep.
  • 11/1/591 At the Lost Keep in the Hool Marshes - We spent the next 4 days exploring the keep. A tribe of bullywogs had made it their home. Visiting them at the same time that we were, was a giant slug. This thing was huge! It was over 20' long and about 5' thick. Lucky for us it was a slow mover and we were able to avoid it during our exploration of the Keep. During the first couple of days we fought and killed many bullywogs in a couple of hairy battles.
  • 11/4/591 At the Lost Keep in the Hool Marshes - After recovering from a battle that took place on the 2nd we gathered our equipment together and headed back into the Keep. In the lowest levels we were ambushed by strange trogloditic lizard men. We spent the next 4 days fighting these troglodytes and exploring their warrens which were tunneled below the earth extending far from the Keep.
  • 11/7/591 In the Lost Keep on the Middle Level - After recovering from several battles with troglodytes, we prepared to make a final assault into the troglodyte warrens. In an epic battle we killed 18 troglodytes and forced the massive troglodyte chief to flee for his life. We pursued him, but he jumped into a huge underground lake where we could not follow (or did not wish to follow). We gathered all of the troglodyte treasures and headed back to Westkeep.
Maybe someday we will return to these caves and find out what lies beyond the underground lake...

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