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GREYHAWK 2000 - Stories
ADVENTURE 11 - The Temple of Gruumsh

Starday, the 1st of Coldeven 593CY
The last two months have been like a nightmare. We were asked to help the city of Verbobonc rescue one of their generals from the Temple of Gruumsh in the Orcish capital high in the Kron hills. The plan was to polymorph us into orcs so then teleport us behind enemy lines. From there we were to sneak into the city. The only problem, or so we thought at the time, was that we could only take a small number of magic items. We reluctantly agreed.

Otasura of the Twofold House of the War College of Verbobonc turned us into orcs and teleported us to a manor behind the orcish lines. We were immediately engulfed in combat when we got to the manor and we quickly discovered that as orcs we had lost most of our skills in combat and spellcasting. In fact, I could not remember how to cast a spell of 2nd level or higher!

This was completely unacceptable and we immediately made our way back to Verbobonc. We sneaked into the War College and demanded that Otasura return us to our normal forms. After this, Otasura did not want our help, but for some reason we decided to try the mission anyway.

With the use of many powerful magics, including fly, invisibility, and gaseous form spells, we gained access to the Temple of Gruumsh in the orcish city. We flew into the altar room invisibly. There, we spotted Herpein, the general we were here to rescue, along with several orcish priests. All of a sudden our magics were dispelled and we fell to the ground. Herpein immediately attacked us, despite our protests that we were there to save him. We tried to subdue him, but he was a fighter the likes of which we had never met. Grock and Dreadyn quickly fell to his attacks. We saw that we were overpowered and we could hear orcs rushing into the temple. We made a quick retreat and all made it out alive except for Ali.

We stopped at Verbobonc long enough to tell them that their vaunted general was a trader then we continued on to Dyvers. When we got to Dyvers, we paid a High Priest of Pelor to resurrect Dreadyn, Grock, and Ali. Dreadyn and Grock came back but Ali did not.

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