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GREYHAWK 2000 - Stories
ADVENTURE 1 - Rich Girl Rendezvous

My first adventure. Travel from Westkeep south toward Hokar. Rendezvous with an bratty rich girl and escort her back to Westkeep. Simple enough, right?

  • 10/1/591 Westkeep - A local jeweler who's shop I had been frequenting (looking for magic) made me an offer I could not refuse. He offered to give me a scroll and 500 silver coins if I would help a group of men escort his niece from a rendezvous point about 60 miles south of Westkeep back to Westkeep. When I met this group of men, however, my heart sank. They were no better than a band of thieves and cutthroats. One of them, Bonecrusher Smithe, was even a half-orc although he was trying to hide it. What had I gotten myself into? (I later found that though they were a motley crew some would become life-long, stalwart companions.)
  • 10/2/591 Westkeep Our ragged band set out for the rendezvous point. My companions were: Hanna d'Argent - a tall, beautiful, shining jewel of a woman who made the rest of us look like street beggars. Feanor - a tall but mean looking elf. Mahgrin Doomcrier - a large ugly man in black chain armor and a black and red tunic. Bonecrusher Smithe - the brutish half-orc warrior. Zen Sun - a lean, strong monk. Demoni - a half-elven ranger.
  • 10/3/591 Fort Horn Just before sunset we came across a tribe of hobgoblins. Luckily we were able to avoid them, but we knew we would have to face them on the return trip.
  • 10/4/591 30 Miles South of Westkeep We found an abandoned inn just as the sun was setting. We decide to spend the night within its walls, a decision we would come to regret. In the inn we found a strange book and a skull. At midnight we were all awakened by a terrible shaking. Our sentries yelled a warning - zombies were coming out of the trees and surrounding the inn, trying to find a way in. The zombies were busting in the doors, and climbing through windows. They had us backed up into the second floor when we decide to throw the skull to them. They took the skull and left. We then got the hell out of the inn.
  • 10/5/591 50 Miles South of Westkeep We made it to the rendezvous point at about noon. To our surprise we found that there was a bridge here that was guarded by a troll. Saphene (The jeweler's niece) was on the other side of the river. We hatched a plan to slay the troll. Surprisingly, it worked. On the return trip we had to fight our way through the hobgoblins. We do, but just barely.
  • 10/10/591 Westkeep Saphene was being a major pain in the but on the return trip so I cast a charm person spell on her. It worked. In fact, it worked even better than I had planned. Saphene had something that she had to tell me. It seemed that her carriage had lots of stolen goods hidden away in it that her Uncle wanted. We were able to keep a lot of this loot and tell her Uncle that the hobgoblins had gotten it.
  • 10/15/591 Westkeep We made an assault on the hobgoblin lair and were able to root them out. Amidst the treasure that we found was a map showing a major humanoid cave complex near Kendall Keep.
So ended my first adventure. Remember, nothing is ever what it seems.

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