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GREYHAWK 2000 - Stories
ADVENTURE 5 - The Hideous Ogre

We had recovered from our long adventure in the Caves of Chaos. Our wounds in body, soul, and spirit had been healed. We were ready for new adventures, but what would we do? The priest of Pelor, Kyvos, asked us for aid. In return, he offered us a powerful clerical scroll. Kyvos's brother Teroth had been missing for some time. Teroth went to Woodwell to investigate the strange hauntings and the many disappearances on the edge of the Dreadwood. Rumors spoke of some fell beast or band of evil druids at work. The offer was intriguing and the scroll even more so.

  • 1/5/592 Kendal Keep - We accepted his offer and set out with him for Longspear.

  • 1/18/592 Longspear - At Longspear we replenished our supplies and prepared for the adventure ahead. The next day we set out for Woodwell.

  • 1/24/592 Woodwell - Woodwell is a small village of fishers and foresters with no fence or other defenses. The people of Woodwell were scared. They talked of disappearances in the night. One hunter insisted he had seen tracks of a 5 legged wolf! Damoni said that he knew a druid who lived in these woods who might be able to shed more light on the local forest dwellers. We decided to go and visit this druid.

  • 1/26/592 Dreadwood - About half-way to the druid's home we ran across and killed a band of 4 ogres and 2 wolves. None of the wolves had 5 legs.

  • 1/27/592 Dreadwood - At about nightfall we arrived at the druid's home. There was no sign of the druid and his home looked like it had been ransacked a long time ago.

  • 1/28/592 Dreadwood at the druid's home - We decided to head for where the hunter said he had seen the 5 legged wolf tracks. That night we were attacked by a dozen huge spiders. These things were as large as a small dog!

  • 1/29/592 Dreadwood - That day we found the game trail that the hunter said he was on when he found the 5 legged wolf tracks. That night we were attacked by some unseen foe. It tried to charm Hanna. We never saw it, but in the morning we found the fresh tracks of a 5 legged wolf near our camp.

  • 1/30/592 Dreadwood - We followed the tracks of the 5 legged wolf all day. They paralleled the game trail we had been on, but did not lead us to a lair. That night we were again attacked by some unseen foe who tried to charm or put to sleep various members of our party. Again we saw nothing but found fresh tracks of the 5 legged wolf in the morning.

  • 1/31/592 Dreadwood - We followed the tracks of the 5 legged wolf all day. That night we were awakened by a loud snapping sound near our camp. Shortly thereafter we were attacked by 4 ogres and 4 wolves. In the midst of the battle, I was charmed by an unseen foe and began to walk, uncaring, away from the battle. Damoni and Feanor followed me and left Zensun, Hanna, and Virgil to finish off the remaining ogres. Before Damoni and Feanor could catch up with me they ran into the 5 legged wolf. This thing stood 5' tall at the shoulder. It had two heads and 3 front legs. Both of its heads breathed fire. Damoni and Feanor were able to drive it back but were not able to kill it. They then continued after me with Zensun joining them now. When they spotted me I was standing behind a huge and hideous ogre. It stood 10' tall and had two large curving horns jutting out of its head. At its side was a greatsword. When Damoni, Feanor, and Zensun rushed forward to attack it, it disappeared.

  • 2/1/592 Dreadwood - We were not able to track the monstrous ogre at all and we were only successful in tracking the 5 legged wolf for a short distance. Out of options, we decided to climb a nearby hill and look for caves that could serve as a lair. That night we heard the same snapping sound we had heard the night before. Then a dead wolf was dropped into our midst as if thrown from a tree above us. There was nothing in the tree or anywhere near our camp.

  • 2/2/592 Dreadwood - During the day we spotted a terrible monster sitting on a bluff overlooking the path we were following. It had a leonine body that stood 6' tall at the shoulder, batlike wings that spanned over 20', a man's head, and a tail tipped with iron spikes. I tried to speak to it and was met by a volley of the terrible tail spikes. Five of the things hit me. They almost knocked me into the next world. After that the party let loose a hail of arrows, sling bullets, and axes. Then the thing closed for melee. When the party had killed it, two more of its kind landed close by and began approaching. The party was able to kill both of those also. We took their iron tails, teeth, and claws.

  • 2/3/592 Dreadwood - We were about half-way up a large hill as the sun was setting. As we were making camp we spotted the smoke from a large fire in the forest below. We knew that the ogres might live there and the next day we started heading that direction.

  • 2/5/592 Dreadwood - At about noon we arrived at the clearing were the fire had been. Roaming around the clearing near the fire were three wolves. There were also two sheds beside a nearby hill and between these stood a single ogre guarding a cave mouth. We attacked quickly. I webbed the cave to prevent reinforcements. Hanna, Virgil, and Feanor killed the wolves and the ogre. When this was done we set up a line in front of the cave mouth, then lit the webs on fire. Soon after 7 ogres poured out of the cave mouth. As soon as they did I webbed the cave mouth again. Everyone else started slaying ogres. After only a couple of seconds, someone from inside the cave lit the webs on fire. From out of the cave came the 5 legged wolf. As they finished off the ogres, the fighters moved to attack the 5 legged wolf. Soon all the ogres were dead and the 5 legged wolf nearly so. We could see looming in the cave beyond the hideous 10' tall ogre. Zensun was blasting it with his wand of wonder, probably doing us more harm than good. Grey rays shot forth, darkness erupted, butterflies swarmed all around us. At least it did not rain on us. As soon as the 5 legged wolf fell, the hideous ogre let loose a numbing blast of cold. Zensun, Hanna, and Virgil took the brunt of it. Hanna was nearly killed.

    After the blast of cold, the hideous ogre withdrew into his caves. After some quick healing we followed. Inside we found the lair of the ogres, a room full of human and animal bones, and finally a strange and foreign room which may have been the lair of the hideous ogre. Many of its decorations were from some far-away land none of us had ever heard of before. There was writing in some strange language that looked somewhat like suel. Beyond this room was a 60' long tunnel that ended in an ancient doorway. The doorway was round and of stone with magical glyphs all around it. Some of these again looked somewhat like suel. There was no sign of the hideous ogre anywhere and we decided not to go through the ancient door at that time but return later.

    Gathering together all of the ogres' treasure we set off for Woodwell and Longspear with the heads of the 5 legged wolf. That night we were attacked by the hideous ogre. He had attacked Zensun unseen and opened a bloody wound with his greatsword before Zensun could even react. Quickly, the whole party joined Zensun in the battle. When we gained the upper hand, the ogre changed into gaseous form and began to drift away. None of our weapons seemed to harm it, so we let loose the necklace of fireballs upon it. After the third and final fireball, the gaseous form again took the form of the hideous ogre and fell to the ground dead!
After we go to Longspear we will return and see what lies beyond that ancient doorway.

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