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TOREN 1998 - Stories
Against the Fire Giants - Part I
The Slaying of General Mogthrasir

6 Characters of 10th Through 13th Level

An epic struggle against the Fire Giants of the Mecran Mountains. The fire giants have gathered together a massive army including numerous red dragon allies and attacked the Elven Kingdom of Selyeeron. The elves are being overwhelmed but in their pride they have not asked any of the surrounding kingdoms for aid. One elf, the griffin rider Kalamaran, took it upon himself to travel to the Kingdom of Ranica and ask the King if he could send his bravest warriors to aid the elves. For political reasons, the King could not send any of his army or his vassals, but he could get Kalamaran in touch with the most powerful adventuring band in the Kingdom.

The party of Eric, Faelon, Praxus, Brother Thomas, Hardul, and Cato accepted the quest to rid the Kingdom of Selyeeron of the invading fire giants and red dragons. This would be no easy task, as there were over 100 fire giants in the field supported by over 1,000 trolls and ogres and 5 or 6 red dragons. The party decided that their best course of action would be to strike at the command centers. The fire giant armies had leveled Quetyl and built a new fortress on its ruins. The fire giant armies then marched west and drove a wedge into the heart of the elven kingdom. The vast majority of the fire giant armies were in the field between the elven keeps of Yorsyna and Elenas. The general of the fire giant armies was believed to still be at Quetyl, however.

The Fire Giant General Mogthrasir
with his legendary giant defender
sword behind him.
On the night of the 25th of Vecstar 7401 the party made an assault on the castle of the fire giant general Mogthrasir. Luckily the castle was only lightly defended and by striking at night the party was able to kill several fire giants before the alarm was raised. Once the alarm was raised, things got very dangerous. In total the party slew over 20 fire giants, 15 trolls, and 10 ogres but not Mogthrasir, he had escaped with several other fire giants and was planning a counter attack. Mogthrasir counterattacked personally along with 4 of his fire giant warriors. Before he entered the castle, however, he had one of his red dragons (who lived in caves near the castle) cast an invisibility spell on him in hopes of catching the party by surprise. Mogthrasir and his entourage encountered the party in the dungeons of the castle. A brief and deadly battle ensued. Praxus was cut down by one of Mogthrasir's bodyguards and Mogthrasir nearly did the same to Faelon before Cato was able to hold him with a hold monster spell. With Mogthrasir held, the party was able to finish off his bodyguards and then they killed the fire giant general himself.

After slaying Mogthrasir, the party beat a hasty retreat as they knew that at least one red dragon had flown off to gather reinforcements and would return soon with more dragons and fire giants. In what little exploration they could make of the fire giant castle the party found several interesting clues as to who could be behind this fire giant invasion. In Mogthrasir's war room was a letter from "The Dread King Snurre Iron Belly". It encouraged Mogthrasir to keep up the attacks against the elves even into the winter. A female fire giant rogue had a crude notebook in which the party found some Torsan writing which said "Snurre hates to admit it but I think he answers the the pale elves" and, in another spot, "The Dragon Lords are Snurre's Masters". Finally the party found an account ledger of all the treasures that Mogthrasir's armies had stolen from the elves. In it there was a column for the "Lofty Masters" who were getting 50% of all treasures found.

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