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TOREN 1998 - Stories

Against the Fire Giants
6 Characters of 10th Through 15th Level
An epic struggle against the Fire Giants of the Mecran Mountains. The fire giants have gathered together a massive army including numerous red dragon allies and attacked the Elven Kingdom of Selyeeron. The elves are being overwhelmed but in their pride they have not asked any of the surrounding kingdoms for aid. One elf, the griffon rider Kalamaran, took it upon himself to travel to the Kingdom of Ranica and ask the King if he could send his bravest warriors to aid the elves. For political reasons, the King could not send any of his army or his vassals, but he could get Kalamaran in touch with the most powerful adventuring band in the Kingdom.

Click Here for Part One (The slaying of General Mogthrasir)
Click Here for Part Two (The slaying of the Wyrm Sulfuria)
Click Here for Part Three (The Hall of The Fire Giant King)

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