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TOREN 1998 - Stories
Against the Fire Giants - Part II
The Slaying of the Wyrm Sulfuria

6 Characters of 10th Through 14th Level

With the fire giant general Mogthrasir dead, the giant armies had pulled back. The respite was short-lived, however. Soon the giant armies were back in the field. The party of Eric, Faelon, Praxus, Brother Thomas, Hardul, and Cato decided that their next move would be to strike at the seat of the fire giants' power, Mount Bellows. They believed they would find the "Dread King Snurre Iron Belly", King of all the Fire Giants, there.

Before the party left for this dread mission Fealon had an audience with the Elven King Elsias. There Fealon gave the King 15 flawless gems worth 5,000d each to aid in the reconstruction of Selyeeron. The King was extremely grateful. The King then asked a great favor from Faelon. He had not told the party before, but his daughter had been taken captive by the fire giants. He offered Fealon an arrow of giant slaying if he would accept the task of rescuing his daughter. If Fealon was successful, the King promised to give him and his companions 1,000 gold nobles, 20 arrows +2, and a cloak and boots of elvenkind. Fealon accepted the King's Quest and vowed to return with his daughter.

On the 21st of Maalstar (November) 7401 the party set off for Mount Bellows. On the night of the 26th they were attacked by a fire giant mounted on a red dragon. They were able to kill both the dragon and the giant, but they feared that the pair would soon be missed and more dragons and giants would be sent out to find them. Therefore the party hastened to Mount Bellows. They arrived at Mount Bellows on the afternoon of the 28th of Maalstar. Mount Bellows was an impressive site. The huge rocky dome rose over a thousand feet above the high valley floor. Perched 100 feet up the rocky slope was a huge wall which seemed almost more massive than the volcano. The place looked like it could indeed be the home of a fire giant king.

The party soon discovered that it was not the main base of the fire giants, however. Instead, it was both a resupply base and the home of the fire giant king's allied red dragons. There were no less than 5 red dragons living at the mountain, including the great wyrm Sulfuria - the great matriarch of this brood of dragons.

Luckily the other four dragons were young and the party had already killed one on the way to the mountain. The other three fell to the party before they met Sulfuria. The battle with Sulfuria was terrible. Both Hardul and Eric were torn to within an inch of their lives by the great wyrm. Her hellfire breath was only partially slowed by Praxus's mighty cube of fire resistance before the cube was destroyed. Praxus's berserk warriors of Valhalla were hacking at her but her scales were like stone to their swords. Cato's spells were bouncing off the dragon like water off a duck's back. It looked like the end was close at hand for the party when Cato made one last ditch effort. He had already cast a hold monster spell which had failed, but he had one left. Could the same spell that stopped Mogthrasir also stop Sulfuria? Cato poured all his will into the spell. It got through Sulfuria's magic resistance and just barely overcame here powerful will.

Sulfuria stood still and suffered an ignoble death at the hands of the berserkers from Valhalla (boy will they have a story to tell). The party ruined the resupply wagons of the fire giants and freed their strange slaves. The slaves were a strange race of fire dwelling humanoids that almost looked like a cross between an man and an eel. Before the slaves left, the party was able to find out where the real Hall of the Fire Giant King lay. With that information in hand, the party left Mount Bellows and headed higher into the Mecran Mountains.

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