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TOREN 2003 - Stories

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Campaign Background
The Wizard's Amulet
Ever-changing Fortunes
Tomb of Abysthor

The city-state of Bython on the shores of Gods Bay. Sunday the 14th of Vecsar 7410 AR. Dark clouds boil overhead. The pillar of fire casts an dark orange glow across the deserted streets. Out there somewhere a devil hunts you. Can you get to the temple and close the gate of hell before he stops you? Can you find out what has happened to the Duke? A small band of freedom fighters surrounds you. A priest and paladin of Valankriis lead the group. They are not strong enough to take on the challenge at hand, are you? Two more have joined your ranks, a human cleric of Arksorn and a celestial servant of Valankriis. A mountain of a man, Kor has come to reclaim Arksorn's temple. The half-celestial, Corvis, walks in the holyness of Valankriis. With their help, maybe you can put an end to the evil, and reclaim the souls of your boon companions Dunbar and Solomon.

Knowledge (religion): A couple of your characters have knowledge (religion). So, they might be asking themselves: "How do we restore a desecrated temple and how do we close a gate to hell?" Both good questions.

To close the gate, you may be able to channel enough positive energy into it using your turn/rebuke undead powers. Turning/rebuking undead is really just the channeling of positive energy. The same energy can be used for other affects (see page 160 of the PHB). Note that you can use the Aid Other rules to work together on this (see page 65 and 154 of the PHB).

To restore the temple, you will need to close the gate first. Then you will need to remove any symbols of the other diety from the shrine. Then you will need to cast a consecrate spell.

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