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FORGOTTEN REALMS 2001 - Characters

4th Level Half-Orc Barbarian
Player: Robert Lusian

3rd Level Tiefling Rogue
Player: Marty Keller

4th Level Human Sorcerer
Player: Lloyd Herman

4th Level Gnome Druid
Player: Tim O'Brien

4th Level Human Cleric (LG)
25 years old; 6'1" tall; 190 lb; brown hair and eyes.
Ilgon is tall and stocky. He has weathered brown skin and a broad, square face framed with a thick beard. His head is topped with a thick, curly brown mass of hair. His eyes seem to weigh anyone they look apon. Ilgon is cheerful and resolute. He is not too bright but he is hard to outsmart as long as he has time to consider the wisdom of any decision. He considers himself a champion of the less fortunate. He worships Tyr and focuses on Retribution and War.
Player: Tom Christy

Dead or Retired Player Characters.

4th Level Human Fighter (N)
Retired after gaining over 5,000gp. Plans to live the rest of his life in luxury. Harandar was poorly kept and smelled of fish. He had a disproportionate, horse-like face framed by mid-length, straight, greasy hair. He was of average height but quite lanky. He was not very bright or very charasmatic.
Player: Tom Christy

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