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GREYHAWK 2000 - Characters

9th Level Human FighterRogue (NG)
18 years old; 5'5" tall; 135 lb; jet black hair and gray eyes
Damet believes that if you bide your time, everthing becomes clear and you can act accordingly. He has a deep-seeded hatred for slavers, and will seek to slay any he meets.
Player: Lloyd Herman

9th Level Half-elven Ranger/Cleric/Mage (NG)
51 years old; 5'11" tall; 172 lb; brown hair and eyes.
Although he is a half-elf, Damoni looks entirely human. He is quiet, kind of a loner; doesn't work too hard to befriend people, convince them, or influence them; usually short, distant, even cold towards most full elves, as they have generally shunned him in past.
Special (sacred) plant - birch tree
Diety- Ehlonna of the Forests; holy symbol- unicorn horn; garb- green cloak
No fire damage when in forest
wants to eventually be a "Knight of the Gnarley Forest"
Player: Brandon Cole

9th Level Human Cleric (NG)
24 years old; 6'6" tall; 160 lb; brown hair and blue eyes.
Draedyn is a very thin but tall man, always with a smile on his face but a troubled mind behind his eyes, his skin is dark and leathery (a common gift from his god). He is always looking off in the distance with a worried look as a young soldier does before battle. He is jaded and cautious, but trys to look at the bright side of things. Player: Brian Goff

10th Level Elven Rogue (CG)
137 years old; 5'4" tall; 110 lb; blond hair and blue eyes.
Feanor dresses in dark clothing. He is a good soul, with a touch of larceny in his heart. He resents oppression by those in power. Thinks more, talks less.
Player: Robert Lusian

10th Level Half-orc Fighter/Barbarian (CN)
16 years old; 6'4" tall; 258 lb; brown hair and brown eyes.
Grock takes his looks from his Orc side. He is ugly as sin and smells even worse. He is missing a piece of his left ear and his left pinky and has numerous scars all over his body. He is hugely muscled.
Grock is loud, boisterous, and obnoxious except when there is a job to be done. Then he is all professional. He loves to drink and eat and will never pass up a free meal or drink. He will work for anyone as long as they have the money. He will not betray the contract for any reason until contract is done. Then anything is fair game.
Player: Jim Trent

10th Level Human Mage (CN)
38 years old; 5'10" tall; 152 lb; brown hair and eyes.
Senark is of average appearance. His clothes are plain, brown, and well worn. His hair is short and unkept and he usually has a couple of days of stubble on his chin. He was recently aged from 21 to 37 years old when he saw the ghost of Xanthias. Senark is curious, inquisitive, and cowardly all at the same time (an odd combination to be sure). He has a very weak stomach when it comes to all the blood and gore so often encountered while adventuring. His love for magic and exploration is what keeps him adventuring. He is especially fascinated with magic items and their creation.
Player: Tom Christy

10th Level Human Monk (LN)
21 years old; 5'9" tall; 165 lb; brown hair and blue eyes.
Zensun is reserved, methodical, and analytical. He is loyal to his friends once they have earned his trust. He does not believe in fate, but rather that each individual is in control of their own destiny. Philosophical. In spare time, will ponder the "hows" and "whys" of the world and beyond.
Player: Marty Keller

Dead or Retired Player Characters.
7th Level Human Fighter/Paladin (LG)
Killed in the Temple of Gruumsh. Did not want to come back from the blessed realms.
Player: Lloyd Herman

8th Level Elven Fighter (N)
65 years old; 5'6" tall; 125 lb; blond hair and grey eyes.
Virgil appeared slender and graceful from afar. His face, though not physically marred, wore a mask of blithe spirit to cover scars of a darkened soul. Virgil left our ranks after being killed by Grock while Grock was under some sort of mind control.
Player: Lloyd Herman

5th Level Half-elven Cleric (CG)
33 years old; 5'9" tall; 130 lb; icy blue eyes and platinum-white hair
Hanna is a tall and imposing figure. She often wears a great helm, hiding the delicate features of her face. She is forthwright, unselfish, cautious, and determined. The sketch of her to the right was done early in her adventuring career. Hanna left the party when she discovered that Zensun was Lawful Evil.
Player: NPC

COB   Player: NPC    
2nd Level Human Fighter (NG)
20 years old; 5'10" tall; 175 lb; brown hair and eyes
Cob is a huntsman who is not quite sharp enough to be a ranger. He knows the area around Kendall Keep very well.

BONECRUSHER SMYTHE   Player: Lloyd Herman    
2nd Level Half-orc Fighter (LG)
A great Half-orc Fighter. Bonecrusher got fed up with us and left.

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